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Go Scroll the page for piano repair and regulating tools, gauges and tuning forks, selected for quality and value. Money back guarantee on all piano tools.

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Action regulating tool kit Regulating tool kit Professional quality Schaff Piano tools for regulating and repairing the actions of vertical or grand pianos. Eight tools in a canvas roll-up kit include a combination tool handle, damper regulator, key spacing tool, an action regulating screwdriver, back check regulator, spoon bender (for bending damper lift spoons without removing the action), and a large and a small standard head screwdriver blades. $148.00 including shipping in U.S.

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Basic action regulating kitBasic regulating tool kit. Basic tools for regulating the actions of vertical or grand pianos. Eight different tools include combination handle, grand drop screw regulator, key spacer, flange regulating screwdriver, center pin punch, action regulating tool, wood keydip block, and four key bushing clamps. $84.95 including shipping in U.S.

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Pro Master tool kitProfessional Master piano regulating tool kit. A complete regulating tool kit from Schaff Piano for the novice or professional technician. Contains 26 of the most useful regulating tools, including: a combination friction tool handle; 8 inch screwholder; jack spring hole reamer; grand hammer butt spacer; punching lifter; two Phillips screwdrivers (8 and 5 inch); two standard screwdrivers (two widths); offset key spacer; string lifter; regulating screwdriver; damper regulator; straight damper regulator; right angle damper regulator; grand screwdriver; spring hook; Kimball screwdriver; pointed awl; grand drop regulator; bent backcheck regulator; spoon bender; Steinway capstan regulator; action flange screwdriver; grand spring adjuster; an 8 inch grand regulating screwdriver, and canvas roll carrying case. $345.95 including shipping in U.S.

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action support postAction Support Post. This tubular aluminum device extends and locks in any position from 12 to 20 inches. Quickly attaches to any bolt for holding the vertical action securely in an upright position. Action sets on top of key blocks (use cardboard shims to protect finish) and may be reversed for damper work and screw tightening. A great tool that aids action work in the home and lessens the danger of damage from falling. $42.95 including shipping in U.S.

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Piano Gauges
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music wire guageSteel Starrett Piano Wire Gauge. High quality precision gauge for measuring American Standard music wire sizes 12 to 28. Decimal equivalents of .029" to .071" are shown on reverse side. Easier and lighter than calipers or micrometers, this is a must have tool for determining the correct size of piano wire when replacing treble strings. Polished steel. $73.00 including shipping in U.S.

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caliper Dial Caliper. Reinforced plastic, Swiss made caliper measures 4 ways: inside, outside, depth and step readings. The easy-to-read color coded dial is graduated in .01 and 64ths, with inch and mm readings on the bar scale. Caliper measures 0 to 5" and is 8-1/2 inches long. Comes with plastic case. $54.00.

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Tuning forks
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Two Tuning Fork SetTwo Tuning Fork Set. Musician's set of two professional quality Sheffield British steel tuning forks in two standard concert pitch frequencies, A440 (A above Middle C) and C523.3 (C above Middle C). Useful for tuning any stringed instrument, including the piano temperament. Blued finish and guaranteed for accuracy, each fork comes in its own plastic pouch. $45.95 including shipping in U.S.

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Chromatic tuning fork set

John Walker Chromatic Tuning Fork Set. 13 high quality blued steel tuning forks in the full octave from Middle C to the C above. For easy setting of the piano temperament. Made in Sheffield England and guaranteed for accuracy. Comes with blue leatherette covered hard case. $295.00 including shipping in U.S.

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tuning fork and string mutesAluminum tuning fork and string mute kit. Exceptional quality aluminum tuning fork gives a louder and more sustained tone than steel forks, and features a non-tarnishing, satin finish. Available in either A440 or C523.3 (C above mid-C). Combined with a full set of string mutes: a wool temperament strip, four rubber mutes with wire handles, a split rubber treble mute (for muting the center string of treble unisons) and two 4 inch rubber mutes. Just add a tuning hammer and you have all you'll need to tune any acoustic piano. Please Choose Tuning Fork. $42.95 including shipping in U.S.

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Peterson 490 tunerPeterson Model 490 Audio Tuner. Peterson Strobe tuners instantly read and display a pitch as it is sounded, giving your the fastest and most accurate display of a pitch. Includes automatic note selection, improved clarity for upper and lower register notes, +2/-1 display feature which shifts the strobe patterns into more visible middle ranges, abiltiy to display bass notes 2 octaves higher and treble notes one octave lower, built-in condenser microphone and carrying case.$755.00 including shipping in U.S. This item available in the United States only.

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