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A newly revised collection of Ragtime Sheet Music (circa 1899 to 1920). With computer sound files on CD...See it, Hear it, Play it!

Authentic Ragtime Piano solos -- original sheet music to 88 rare (and not so rare) Rags from the Golden Age of Ragtime, spiral bound in a sturdy, two-volume player's edition, over 300 pages of piano rags (with an introduction) -- a virtual library of syncopated piano, available nowhere else. Truly, this is America's most beloved piano music.

88 authentic piano ragsPLUS - Computer CD:
Included with the scores is a computer CD with midi piano recordings of all the Rags just as they appear in the printed music -- absolutely FREE! -- An invaluable learning aid that lets you hear the music as the composer wrote it -- like having your very own piano teacher to guide you (and you'll enjoy just listening to the CD).

That's two books of music and midi CD, shipping paid in U.S., all for the low price of $62.95. You will not find a collection like this anywhere else!

These are not digital copies, but full size music reprints of the original scores from my own collection of antique sheet music, including b&w samples of some of the best original covers. 8 1/2 x 11 sheet music88 complete piano Rags by the best ragtime composers of the era, including Scott Joplin, Percy Wenrich, Charles L. Johnson, Egbert Van Alstyne, Adaline Shepard, George Botsford, Joseph Lamb, May Aufderheide and many others. Some of these pieces have become ragtime classics -- but most are rare gems that have been out of print for decades, just waiting to be rediscovered by a new generation of home pianists.

Piano student or accomplished player, there is something for everyone in this unique collection-- great fun as studies for developing your keyboard technique, giving a ragtime recital, or just entertaining yourself and your friends. Think scale practice is boring? Just give Ragging The Scale a chance to prove you wrong.

Complete list of 88 Rags

(Click links below to hear a few midi samples of some of the Rags).

ORDER NOW! You can own the complete scores to these and 80 more delightful tunes, PLUS computer CD with midi piano versions of each Rag, all for the low price of only $62.95, including shipping in the U.S. - less than 66 cents per Rag). Canadian orders require additional shipping charge - select Canadian destination from the PayPal drop down menu. NOT AVAILABLE OUTSIDE U.S. and CANADA.

A unique addition to any pianist's collection, and it makes a great gift! Purchase your copy online now with any major credit card thru PayPal's secure server by using the buttons below. To order by mail, use the "Print Order Form" button in the margin, or send your check or Money Order and shipping address to: Peter Summers, 4020 Mill St. No. 506, Kansas City, MO. 64111

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Your complete satisfaction is Guaranteed. If not fully satisfied with this unique collection, simply return it to me in good condition within 10 days and I'll refund your purchase price, no questions asked.

NOTE: The computer CD contains .midi versions of the Rags and requires a sound player. Also note: the original covers to some of these pieces contain blatantly offensive racial stereotypes from an era less sensitive to minorities than our own. Because they are historical documents, I have reprinted them just as they were originally presented to the public, including original titles.

Copyright 2005 by Peter Summers, K.C.MO.

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