How To Repair And Regulate Your Piano

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Dozens of clear line illustrations Sticking key ruining your Beethoven, or a damper letting the note ring on? No need to call a piano tuner. Just look up the problem in this fully illustrated book, take the appropriate tool from the included tool kit, and make a simple adjustment or repair that might easily have cost 50 dollars or more in service fees if you had called a tuner.

The piano has hundreds of moving parts and even the best models are subject to a variety of problems: sticking keys, broken action parts or parts out of adjustment, rattling soundboards, missing strings, hardening felts, etc. All these things can ruin your piano practice and they all can cost you money UNLESS you have "You Can Repair And Regulate Your Own Piano" and the quality tools that accompany it.

Like most people, you may have just assumed that your piano is such a complex instrument that only someone with an engineering degree or years of experience can understand it's workings. Well, it isn't so!  Just as my companion volume You Can Tune Your Own Piano proved that the average piano owner can master tuning, so this 75 page booklet will show how to repair and regulate pianos easily for anyone willing to take the time to learn a few simple procedures.

The construction and operation of all acoustic pianos is described and illustrated. Dozens of clear and easy to follow drawings and diagrams show you step-by-step how to make common regulations and repairs on any modern acoustic piano, AND you are provided the regulating tools to do the work -- a combination tool handle, off-set action regulator, key spacing tool, grand drop screw regulator, action flange screwdriver, and two key bushing clamps. These tools, along with a few common items you probably have on hand, such as parallel pliers and a couple of screwdrivers, will allow you to make almost any type of repair you'll likely encounter on most home pianos; uprights, spinets, consoles or grands. Most of the adjustments and many of the common repairs described can be made without the need for parts, or from easily improvised parts. Obviously, however, some action and keyboard repairs will require replacement parts. Check Parts for info on purchasing repair parts.


¤ How to free a sticking key
¤ How to repair a broken key
¤ How to free sticking dampers
¤ How to make common action and pedal adjustments
¤  How to safely remove and replace the actions in both vertical and grand pianos
¤ How to stop keyboard and action rattles and noises
¤ How to replace keytops
¤ How to repair cracks in the soundboard and bridges
¤ And Much More!

All this, and the opportunity to get further advice from me by mail or email anytime you need it, for the low price of $119.00 with shipping paid anywhere in the U.S. Canadian and International orders require additional shipping charge. Please use the drop-down menu on the PayPal shopping cart button to select shipping destinations outside the United States.

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To pay by check or money order, click the "Print Order Form" button, or send your check and shipping address to: Peter Summers, 4020 Mill St., No. 506, Kansas City, MO., 64012. Already have tools? To order the book without tools, Book Only. Also available as an Ebook

I can usually send your order out the same business day I receive payment. To expedite delivery, tools and book may be sent in separate packages. Fully guaranteed. If not satisfied, return the book and tools in good condition within 14 days and I'll return your money.

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