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My ragtime books are spiral bound on heavy weight paper in sturdy performer's editions and reproduced directly from the original antique sheet music. AVAILABLE IN U.S. AND CANADA ONLY.
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Indian Intermezzos. A sub-genre of Ragtime, Native American themed Intermezzos and Indian Intermezzo bookTwo-Steps were hugely popular during the Ragtime Era. Bring back that old time syncopated style to your piano playing with this unique collection of the best of the genre, including a computer CD with piano midi versions of all the tunes, a great learning aid. Complete facsimile piano scores to the classic Hiawatha, Rainbow, Singing Bird, Red Wing, and 16 more, reprinted from the original antique folios. $25.95 in U.S.
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You Can Play RagtimeYou Can Play Ragtime Piano
Put the fun back into your piano playing. Learn how to turn popular songs into rollicking ragtime syncopations following the unique method of famed rag composer and teacher, Axel Christensen. This clear and Complete and unabridged reprint of the classic and innovative 1916 instruction booklet Christensen's RAG-TIME Instruction Book For Piano will show you the way the pros do it. Not a digital copy, but a high quality reproduction from the original book, spiral bound on sturdy paper for easy reading on the music rack. Also includes examples of original ragtime tunes and classic songs. You can turn any song into a rag. Think "Mary Had A Little Lamb" is just a kid's tune? Try it in ragtime: Mary's Rag. $19.95 in U.S.
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Currently unavailable. 17 Folk Ragtime Rarities in PDF form. I've compiled 17 of my favorite, hard-to-find folk rags from various sources and reset them on my computer music publisher. The result is a handy PDF ebook with all the rags in printable form, saving you the trouble (and cost) of scrounging around trying to find these rare (and delightful) old rags. I've also recorded midi versions of each rag on my web site so you can hear exactly what it sounds like. These are not simplified versions -- they are the original popular rag hits from the Ragtime Era, written for the average pianist by some of the best rag composers of the day -- Percy Wenrich, Harry J. Lincoln, Charles L. Johnson, Irene Cozad and others.

Easy enough for the early intermediate student, they are nevertheless first class examples of the popular piano ragtime of the era. Just take a listen to this raggy version of Old Folks At Home or Tanglefoot Rag for an idea of the tunes in this collection. Other included rags are Checkers Rag, Bees Wax Rag, Crab Apples Rag, Poker Rag, Fuss And Feathers, The Pinywoods Rag, Bud Rag, Ragtime Ripples, Barber Pole Rag, Halley's Comet Rag, Student Rag, The Microbe, Mockingbird Rag, Home Sweet Home & Annie Laurie, and Mary's Lamb Rag (in two versions). Easy to read and download PDF file PLUS access to the midi versions to let you hear the rags in their original versions. Click HERE to see a sample page. $9.95.

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