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Go Quality piano replacement key tops, piano repair parts. Money back guarantee on all parts. Call or email me for action parts and I can help find what you need.

*NOTE: Prices shown include U.S. shipping only. Orders outside the U.S. need additional shipping charge. International buyers Read This before ordering.-- Please select shipping destination from the drop down menu above the Add To Cart button.

Molded keytopsBest Quality Molded White Piano Keytop Kit. Improve the value and appearance of your piano with this set of 52 high quality German made keytops. Can be easily fitted to most keyboards with little or no further shaping. Extra thick molded plastic top is scratch resistant and will cover imperfections in the key wood. Each key is pre-shaped for easy fitting. These are the same style and quality used by modern piano makers and are higher quality and more durable than the regular replacements. Use "Contact Cement" glue or PVC glue (available at any hardware store) to install. Specify white or off-white, without fronts or with fronts. $58.00 includes shipping in U.S. Read How to replace keytops for instructions.
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Key sharpsHigh Quality Black Plastic Sharps Kit. Set of 36. Sold in two sizes (measure your old sharps); 3-3/4 and 3-1/2. Available in dull or high gloss finish (please specify) Use "Contact Cement" glue, available at any hardware store, to install. Choose gloss or dull. $54.00 including shipping in U.S.

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Tuner's Vertical Repair Parts Kit. A selection of 6 or more of the most common vertical piano repair parts: spinet snap-elbows; hammer and whippen flanges with pins; upright and console jacks with flanges; brass flange repair clips; jack springs; damper lever springs; hammer shank repair sleeves; bass damper heads; strip of treble damper felt (email me for substitutions, if needed). $63.50 including shipping in U.S.
Email me or call me if you'd like to order a selection of specific piano parts. See the parts map for names of piano parts. I can also supply parts for grand actions if needed.

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Clip-on bridle strapsClip-on Bridle Straps. Improve the speed and response of your vertical action by replacing broken bridle straps with this easy clip-on style. Set of 90, fits all verticals. Includes inserting tool. $40.00.

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music wireMusic wire assortment kit. Twelve 1/3lb coils of Roslau piano wire in gauges from #13 14 15 16 17 18 19 and #20, including half size in 13 14 15 and 16. Enough wire here to restring the treble section of most small pianos. $140.00 including shipping in U.S. Shipping weight is about 4 pounds.

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Universal Bass String Replacement Kit. Includes nineteen single wound replacement bass strings that will fit most pianos, except the largest grands. $165.50 including shipping in U.S.

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