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Go Wittner and Taktell metronomes will keep your piano student's foot tapping in time. Money back guarantee.

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Classic pyramid metronomeWittner Maezel pyramid metronome. Polished wood case, wind-up mechanism and a classic shape make it both beautiful and functional. Quality German precision construction. Includes cover latch and adjustable weight on pendulum. 8 and 1/2 inches high. Choose mahogany or walnut finish. $140.00.

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Penquin metronomeTaktell Penquin metronomes. Fun for piano students of all ages, these charming and unique metronomes have a colorful plastic case surrounding a wind-up Taktell mechanism. Eight inches high. Also available as Cat or Owl. Choose animal from the drop-down menu. $103.00.

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Electric metronomeTaktell electric metronome. Battery operated. Measures 5-1/4 wide by 2-7/8s high, this black grain plastic metronome produces a visual flash and acoustic beat, or just a visual flash only. Comes complete with 9 volt battery that has a 3 year useful life. $59.00.

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Mini metronomeTaktell super mini metronome. The smallest and most accurate wind-up metronome available. 4 inches high, it's no bigger than a pack of cigarettes but runs as long and reliably as the larger Wittner models. Black plastic case. $58.00.

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Wind-up metronomeTaktel Piccolo wind-up metronome. Six inch high plastic case key wound metronome is extremely accurate and comes with facing dust cover. Specify mahogony, beige, ivory or black. Choose finish from drop-down menu. $62.95

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