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Available as Windows OS version ONLY. Requires Windows Internet Explorer and sound player Please order ebooks separately as they are not in the PayPal Cart system.

Download your ebook copy todayA unique audio-visual ebook with animated tuning charts and midi sounds, shows you (and lets you hear) an easy, step-by-step method for building an equally tempered scale on any acoustic piano keyboard, using either A440 or C523.3 as the reference pitch.Download your ebook copy today A perfect companion for my "You Can Tune Your Own Piano" ebook, or for those with some tuning experience. Download address will be sent by email after payment. Requires Windows OS and Internet Explorer web browser. Not available for Mac. NOTE: This program is being retired -- written for earlier versions of IE it may not work on Window 10 computers.

Only $16.00.

Two sets of animated tuning charts for each step in the Temperament Cycle
Midi audio files let you hear and see the intervals tuned
Mp3 of the Beat, the soundwave tuners use to tune by
Easy to read webpage format.
Step-by-step directions
Printable instruction pages
Seven or eight minute download (on 56K modem) 1.6 mb
Stand alone .exe file requires Windows OS and IE.

Setting The Piano Temperament Windows .exe ebook:
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