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My own instruction books are spiral bound on heavy weight paper and illustrated with clear charts and easy step-by-step instructions. With tool kits and money back guarantee.

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Tuning book and tool kit You Can Tune Your Own Piano. This is my easy to follow piano tuning book for piano owners, complete with quality tuning tools and CD with tuning sound examples. Detailed tuning instructions require no tuning experience. You'll learn the "secrets" piano tuners don't want you to know in plain, everyday language without all the needless technical mumbo-jumbo of most tuning books. Illustrated. Includes a quality tuning hammer, A440 tuning fork, 4 rubber mutes, CD, and one temperament strip, everything needed to tune your piano. Whether you just want to touchup your piano between regular professional tunings, or tune the entire keyboard like a pro, this kit will teach you how to stop paying high priced tuning fees. $105.95 with shipping paid in the U.S.
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BOOK AND CD ONLY. Already have your own piano tuning tools? Order the You Can Tune Your Own Piano book and CD only for $25.00 including shipping in the U.S.

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Also available: E-book version

Repair book and tool kitYou Can Repair And Regulate Your Own Piano. This is a perfect companion to my tuning book, this illustrated manual teaches common adjustments and repairs to the action, keyboard, soundboard and bridges on any model piano. Includes a special set of repair and regulation tools (combo tool handle, key spacing tool, action flange screwdriver, key bushing tightner, action regulating tool and key bushing clamps). Written in a simple, direct style with dozens of clear illustrations. Save service charges; fix it yourself. $119.00 including U.S. shipping.
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BOOK ONLY. If you already have suitable piano repair and regulation tools, order the You Can Repair And Regulate Your Own Piano book only for$25.00 including shipping in the U.S.
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Also available: E-book version

Tuning book and tool kitPiano Tuning And Repair For Profit. Get out of the old job rut and start a profitable new career as a piano tuner with my two volume, eight lesson course in piano tuning, repair and regulation. Includes a USB Flash drive with video examples and tuning exercises in two audio visual ebooks, sound files of the tuning exercises, and tuning Video Tips. . Lessons cover the history of pianos, piano construction, piano maintenance and illustrated instructions for action and keyboard regulation and repair of all models. Two lessons deal with starting a free-lance piano service business from your home. PLUS a top quality professional 26 piece tuning, regulating and repair tool kit and e-mail or phone support for as long as needed. Based on my 35 years experience as a piano technician, this course will teach you an affordable way to begin your own home tuning business. $428.00 including shipping in the U.S.
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Tuning bookPiano Tuning And Repair For Profit BOOKS ONLY. If you already own good piano tuning and regulating tools (by Schaff, Hale or Yamaha, etc. - cheap tools can damage your piano - don't say you weren't warned), you can order my course lesson booklets with USB Flash drive of video tuning tips, supplement and email and phone support, without having to pay for the tools. $100.00 one time payment includes shipping costs in the U.S. These booklets cover business information and tuning charts not available in other piano tuning books. For more details on the complete course, see above or check out my Tuning Course page for more info.

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New! Ragtime Piano Music Books

Indian Intermezzo Sheet Music BookINDIAN INTERMEZZOS AND TWO-STEPS. Complete sheet music scores for 20 Native American themed piano solos from the Golden Age of Ragtime (circa 1899 to 1920), with computer CD recordings -- See it, Hear it, Play it. These are complete scores -- not digital copies, but full size reprints from the original folios, spiral bound in a sturdy performer's edition. Includes a computer CD of all the tunes in piano midi form -- you'll hear the piece exactly as the composer wrote it. A sub-genre of Ragtime piano music, these whimsical syncopated marches were hugely popular during the Ragtime Era. Their dramatic "tom-tom" rhythms and charming melodies have influenced the soundtracks of many western movies and TV shows, and still conjure up images of the American West, a time of buffalo hunters and sun dances and warriors bold. Contains the best of the genre, written by the best composers of the period, including Charles L. Johnson, Percy Wenrich and Neil Moret, among others. $25.95
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