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I'm Peter Summers, a piano tuner by trade and owner of this web site. I started the PeteSummers.Com site in 1998 and have been on the Internet ever since, selling high quality Schaff Piano Company American made piano tuning tools, parts and accessories.

I also sell my own piano tuning course and a couple of other tuning and repair booklets I've written. For the past 35 years I have owned my own tuning business and have tuned and serviced thousands of pianos for both amateur and professional performers. For ten years I was the official piano tuner for the annual Kansas City Jazz And Blues Festival (now sadly gone), which featured many big name bands and pianists. I also did in-store and warranty tunings for one of the area's largest piano shops for over 15 years. Over the years I tuned pianos for many popular bands appearing at the nationally known Grand Emporium blues and jazz club in Kansas City and many other venues, including the Lyric Theater and the famed Starlight theater.

My piano tuning course

Back when I started tuning pianos, tuning courses were rare and usually found only in the classified ads in "Popular Mechanics" or "Popular Science" magazines. They usually consisted of a few typed lessons and some cheap imported tools. Most also got failing grades in a 1992 "Keyboard Magazine" editorial review. I read those reviews and decided I could do better and write my own tuning course, one which would provide the practical stuff I struggled to find when I started out. I tried to make it easy-to-follow with clear illustrations, tuning charts and step-by-step directions -- I also wanted to sell it at a fair price and a reasonable profit and make it accessible to everyone. Thanks mostly to the Internet, things have changed. Now there are more people teaching piano tuning, but I believe my course still provides the most comprehensive, accurate and cost effective instructions available.

I devote most of my time to this website and sharing my experience with my visitors and customers. I back everything I sell with a money back guarantee and pride myself on quick and complete customer service. Your complete satisfaction with all items I sell on this website is my goal. You can leave your comments and questions on the Contact Me page, or just email me or call me anytime at 816 214-5356. I do return emails and phone calls (if you leave a message).

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