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Schaff Piano replacement benches and music desks, for upright and grand pianos. Fully guaranteed and UPS shipping charges paid. Shipped by UPS knock downed. Available U.S. only.

music deskReplacement music desks for vertical and grand pianos. Replace your broken or missing music desk with a high quality replacement from Schaff. Available in open lyre style (top) for most vertical pianos (26" wide), or solid style for grands (specify 30" or 34" wide). All are unfinished and finely sanded on the maple veneered sides. Please select type. $55.95.

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Upright piano benchUpright piano bench. Made from select hardwoods, these quality replacement benches are 20 inches high and have music compartments. Shipped knocked down by UPS. Please specify round, square or spade legs, unfinished, walnut, mahogany or ebony finish. $245.00.

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grand piano benchGrand piano bench. Duet sized, select hardwood. Similiar to the upright bench shown above, but 33 inches wide and 18 inches high. Contains a music compartment. All have tapered spade style legs, or straight legs with brass ferrules on the foot. Specify brass ferrule or spade leg, unfinished, walnut, mahogany or ebony finish. $270.00.

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Old fashioned piano stoolOld Fashioned swivel-top piano stool. An all time favorite for any piano, made of select hardwood with wood or vinyl padded top. Adjusts from 17 to 23 inches high. Specify padded or unpadded, walnut, mahogany or ebony finish. Shipped via UPS. $240.00.

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