Fixing A Wobbly Piano Bench

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A typical piano benchGot a piano bench that threatens to collapse whenever you sit on it? With a little luck, you might only need to tighten a couple of the bolts that hold the bench legs to the body. So you got to ask yourself, do I feel lucky? Well do you, punk? smiley Sorry, I sometimes forget where I am in my old age.

To test your luck, open the bench lid and take a look. You should see something that looks about like the drawing (on left). On the average piano bench the legs are secured by metal brackets bolted to the leg and the sides, as shown in the inset of the drawing.

Some more considerate bench makers provide a wing nut for easy adjusting by hand, but more often than not there are conventional nuts that will require a pair of pliers or a small wrench to adjust. Turn the nuts clockwise to tighten the leg back to the sides. In fact, you should probably tighten these bolts periodically as they tend to work loose easily, particularly if you have a lot of heavy music books stored inside, or a wiggly kid squirming around on the piano bench.

If the leg is attached with dowel rods instead of bolts, as may be the case in some older benches, you'll need to glue it all back together with Elmer's or some other wood glue. Normally glue repairs require clamping. If you are handy and have the proper wood clamps and a workbench, you may be able to make that kind of repair yourself and save money. But most people will probably want to send it off to a cabinet maker or carpenter for this sort of repair.

Or better yet, help send me and a companion of my choice on an extended cruise to the Caribbean by purchasing a new bench from my website.

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